Preview textures using the gMotor Scene-Viewer

Preview is not an easy topic. We are paranoid and don’t want to public our models because we fear rip-offs, still we acknowledge, that painters need a good way for preview. I think we found a good compromise.

The ISI rFactor SDK contains the gMotor Scene Viewer. This is a nice tool, which lets you display the cars in the actual gMotor engine.

Starting the viewer

Extract the archive somewhere and start the Win32viewer.exe. Select the directory in which this exe is and the dropdown above will give you a list of scn-files you can select. We included all 11 teams and the helmet. Select the team you want and start. The viewer will display the car you selected. We suggest to try Toro-Rosso for the start. We included the textures for this one.

Camera control

The camera control is a bit tricky at first, but you get used to it.

  • drag left mouse key – rotates the viewport along the x and y axis
  • drag right mouse key – rotates the viewport along the z axis
  • a – +y coordinate of camera
  • y – -y coordinate of camera
  • arrow up – move camera forward
  • arrow down – move camera backward
  • arrow left – move camera left
  • arrow right – move camera right
  • h – Help, show assigned keys

Display own textures

To display your own textures in the viewer, you have to place your saved textures into the viewer_only-subdirectory. The files will have to be specially named:

  • viewer_only/ – Base-texture
  • viewer_only/ – LSide-texture
  • viewer_only/ – Wing-texture
  • viewer_only/ – Helmet-texture
  • viewer_only/ – Driver-texture

Since every car has his own mapping, make sure the right scn-file is selected, displayin Toro-Rosso-Textures on McLaren will end up with an horrible, yet inspiring mess.

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