Environment maps in F1C

In contrast to rFactor and later games, F1C has no support for specular, reflection or normal maps. The surface of the car is purely defined by the diffuse map (the regular texture), the environment map (the reflections projected on the car) and some few shader settings. For the F1-2006 mod we experimented with unique Environment maps (Emaps) for every car. We were quite satisfied with the results and kept it.

What we did is to take one common Emap and tweak it, so it fits each car. Some are a bit brighter, giving more reflections, some are darker. By changing the gamma of the Emap, we were able to define, which color ranges where reflected, like reflect bright colors stronger than dark colors. Of course all this effects were subtil and are no replacement for a proper environment projection on the cartexture, but they worked and helped to enhance the perception of the cars.

The Emaps used in the mod are included in the mod’s templates.

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