Adding new teams to F1 2006

We got asked how to add additional teams to the F1-006 mod. Here is a rough guide, you need to worry about what is in boldface.
There are several ways you could do it, but with standalone physics files, you could simply copy the team, open the veh and change.

Upgrades="MCL_MP421_Upgrades.ini" // Vehicle upgrades information
GenString=MCL04 // only if you want a new model and have your own gmts with new car otherwise leave, if you do you have to edit more than likely a whole lot more upgrades stuff // optionally change // Defaults to cams.cfg in UserData directory
HeadPhysics=headphysics06.ini // Affects driver eyepoint only
Cockpit=MCL_MP421_cockpitinfo.ini // optionally change
//////////////////////////TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION///////////////////////////////////////////
Team="Mclaren F1 2006"
Driver="Pedro De La Rosa"
Description="#04 Pedro De La Rosa"
Engine="Mercedes-Benz FO 108S"
Classes="CTDPF1_2006,MP4-21" // name this, can be any string with alphanumerics, underscores hyphens is OK, but don't be too adventurous here, who knows "[>WHAT21A<]" may cause havoc here.
// moast of this is optional stuff anyway , for correctness change it if you want
FullTeamName="Mclaren Mercedes F1"TeamFounded=1969
TeamHeadquarters="Grove, UK"

Category="CTDP F1 2006"

Then edit the hdv and references for gears engine suspension files of you rename them too. You may well not have to change physics hdv files, but than it could get confusing with upgrade classes that has to be different, and then could have a conflict, so what I suggest is the safest, it is what we did and works.

So whatever you name the gears, engine and suspension file to ensure the hdv can find those, namely the following entries


[ENGINE] //in this section change

[DRIVELINE] //in this section change

The tyre and damage references will stay the same, so not to worry about those.
In the upgrades file give it a unique new filter and ai class, this bit at the top taken from one of our current upgrade files.

DisplayClassOverride="F1 2006" // in 1.1 this is set uniquely and equals the upgradeclass so change that too
UpgradeClass="MP4-21" // name this, can be any string with alphanumerics, underscores hyphens is OK, but don;'t be too adventurous here, who knows [>WHAT21A<] may cause havoc here ^^
UpgradeClass="MP4-21_AI" // name this as above appended with _AI

If you still get a problem you should run rFactor with a tracelog level 3 (trace=3). In most cases, the log will tell why or what files cannot be found, although sometimes the messages can be a bit misleading. For example an hdv missing could mean some linked file is missing, but anyway, it gives enough info to nail the issue why that happens.


In the skins section to delete all that track specific auto-livery stuff, and also the line for the default livery points unusually to skins/misc instead of the main folder in our case. The standard conventional way of doing it, with the main skins in the same folder and extra skins in skins/misc (as per ctdp05) folders wil still work, it only breaks and conflicts when you start specifying auto-liveries for your team.

I little rFactor feature/bug that I could only circumvent in this rather clumsy way to make both skin selection work in the UI, as well as autoliveries on track, so only if they want autoliveries than follow our scheme, (which in anycase, for online is pretty much useless you still got to pick the correct skin form UI anyway) otherwise just do it the standard way.

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