Renault WIP

Paulo provided me with some first WIP-shots of the Renault. He is currently painting the car and sorting out mapping flaws. During the next days he will continue his work, so the car will soon be ready. Later Raül will take the texture and create all trackspecific liveries. In the meantime Andy is already getting the car ingame, preparing all shaders and all upgrades.

Renault WIP1Renault WIP2

Upgrades,upgrades and again upgrades!

Hi everybody,

As some of you know,i’m working on the upgrades for each car. Finally got a lot of stuff done. At the moment i’m finalizing the toyota upgrades. The whole upgrade thing is a huge pain because each upgrade must fit to each livery. As Dahie said there are teams e.g. Midland/Spyker who changed at almost each GP some parts of the livery. So far, we have upgrades done of the teams Mclaren,BMW,Williams (small touches left), Midland/Spyker, Honda, Redbull, Toro Rosso. Toyota should be finished by the end of this week. Marko Stanic helped me a lot with the upgrades and he is working on Super Aguri SA06 (complete new car which was introduced during the season). After finishing Toyota upgrades i will move to Ferrari upgrades.

Something that hasn’t anything to do with upgrades; Renault shape is finished as you saw in some previous blog shots. Now it’s mapped (big thanks to afborro) and it’s Paulo’s turn to paint the liveries. Stay tuned for some shots. Upgrades (oh again 😛 ) for Renault were done by Marco Büttner as well, so in summery only Ferrari and Super Aguri Upgrades are left at the moment 🙂 .

I’ll keep you updated guys. We’re getting slow but steady to the “Start/Finish” line, maybe this year, but surely next year 😉

Get it over with

At the moment I am in involved in one of the most boring processes of carpainting. I get all cars, have to touch up all texture-sources, add missing things, check for mistakes, make missing track-liveries and finally saving them all to dds.. Some cars like Toyota or Sauber actually drove with the same livery all the year, others modified them very frequently like Toro Rosso which requires several liveries up to 7-8. So far Toro Rosso, Toyota and Ferrari were done, during the last days I finished BMW-Sauber painted by Paulo, Williams painted by Steffen and McLaren painted by myself. Next coming up will be Honda. No screenshots today. 🙂

Steering wheels

Hi there CTDP fans.

With work progressing we thought it might be a good time to show some more shots.  With steering wheels on the Spyker, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Ferrari more or less done since our last news on steering wheels.  Two shots showing a preview of what they look like in-game, and also showing a bit of the cockpit for the first time.

Note: These shots are still a WIP, and as such are not final, such things as LCD fonts, colours etc are subject to change, until all wheels have been finalised some things may change from what is shown.  

The screenhots shown however, should give a good idea as to what it will mostly be like, and if you don’t like it, now is the time to voice your opinion, raise any issues you may have, and let us know.



Regards from CTDP crew.