Inside F1 1994: Measuring Williams

We welcome Radu Teo, a new modeler who has started to work on the new Williams model. The first preview we have for you is a bit different than usual. Over the years we did alot of research on the cars to get as many technical data as possible. This also involves blueprints (if possible, usually impossible), specifications and measurements. Very often we find contradictory sources and especially the wheelbase is something of regular debate for many cars. Williams is another prime example, as we have found 3 different measurements for the wheelbase: 2990mm / 2950mm / 2890 mm
Radu did among others the attached photo comparison to find the correct wheelbase. The picture gives 2.84m,which is shorter than any of our sources. Unless we find something canon and concluding, we will probably opt for a compromise of 2.89m.

Edit: And another one.

Jordan 1994 WIP

While Stefan is working on Larrousse, Andreas ‘Neidryder’ Neidhardt continued to work on the Jordan. The basic shape of the car is done and we are tweaking details on the carbody. However the suspensions you see are still placeholders and will be replaced this weekend.

In other news, James Bendy finished work on the Ferrari textures for now. He’ll paint the Jordan next. Larrousse will be painted by Dennis ‘mediocre’ Schmidt.

Larrousse 1994 WIP – an ontological paradox

Fabian was right, the car in the last post was the Larrousse 1994. A totally unremarkable car and the only thing worth noting is, that it drove with 2 very distinct liveries in the first 4 races, which Dennis ‘mediocre’ Schmidt is going to paint later.

Today erale frightened me. He said he had finished the model for Larrouse. I didn’t believe him, since Ferrari took several month to finish and you just don’t build cars in 3 days anymore. He said his time machine finally worked and he traveled into the future to take the final model back to the present. Now, what bothers me are two things: first, why didn’t he go to even further into the future to bring back a mapped model (erale claims he had only Plutonium for one trip, but we all know Mr Fusion will be available for domestic use within 4 years!) and secondly, assuming erale never deletes the model by accident and keeps the file till the end, who actually build the model? And if it has mistakes, can I blame the universe?

Anyway, erale got so scared by this onthological paradox, that he deleted the model to build it himself. Here are the surviving photos of the future finished car. Hope posting this doesn’t rip open the space-time-continuum, AGAIN!

Final Ferrari 1994 model

With some touchups by Neidryder, we finished work on the Ferrari model. The model was done by Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner in the past months and is now ready for mapping and then painting. Painting will be done by James ‘juluka’ Bendy and erale will continue on the next model.

Andy took a few pictures of the car to show offaround erale’s work.