McNolo’s Bahrain for rFactor 2 released

A year ago, McNolo was working on a conversion of CTDP’s Bahrain track to rFactor2. Today, he released his track to the public.

There are 5 layouts with 3 GP variants included with the track:

  • Grand Prix 2012 (1 DRS zone, free to use out of DRS zone in practice and qualifiying)
  • Grand Prix 2013 (2 DRS zones limited to use all weekend only in DRS zones)
  • 6 Hours of Bahrain (Grand Prix Layout but with more garages, 18 teams + 2 located on the outside = 40 cars)
  • Endurance (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Paddock (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Outer (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Inner

Download page to McNolo’s Bahrain

 Note, that CTDP gave permission for the conversion, but was not actually involved. We thank him for the conversion.

Bahrain for rFactor2 by McNolo

After our previous attempts to update Bahrain and bring it up to speed for rFactor2 failed, we decided to look for people outside of the team to work on a conversion to rFactor2. It took a while, but, we got in contact with McNolo, who worked on other tracks and also started his personal conversion of the tracks. His work-in-progress on youtube already convinced us:

This was about 4 months ago and since then McNolo has continued work on the track with our blessing. This will be more than a conversion as he is also updating the track to 2012/2013 specs. In this time he posted regularly work-in-progress screenshots. Among them are these:

To follow McNolo’s progress and the newest screenshots, we suggest to follow him on twitter or flattr him if you like his work.

We should note, while McNolo has our permission, CTDP is not involved in the project, but we have the feeling, the track is in good hands. Good luck!

Next generation Bahrain track

For the past year, we had Eric ‘ennisfargis’ Tozer working on the next version of the Bahrain International Circuit. This would include the 2010 layout and some major improvements on the tracks elevations and ultimately it would convert the track for rFactor2 once that is available. This work proved to be rather tedious as it is very hard to get hands on proper elevation data. Consumer GPS data is not exact enough and so we compiled height data from many different sources and are in the process of updating the track accordingly.

Fortunately for Eric, unfortunately for us, he got the foot in the door with Reiza Studios and won’t be able to continue his work on the track. This leaves the track in a work in progress state with nobody in the team to pick it up.

We are therefore looking for interested track modelers to get in touch with us to work on this track and help convert it to rFactor2. The track was a big success and it would be a shame not to bring it to the new platform. A lot of work has been done and we will provide help to step into the existing project as good as possible. Still you will need to know the basics of track editing, FFD modifiers and track exporting.

As with our other projects. CTDP is a dynamic team with people coming and going. With the death of rFactor and the continued waiting for rFactor2 we had more people disinterested in modding lately and therefore encourage everyone who has dome some modding and would like to continue and work in an organized, collaborative and enjoyable atmosphere to get in touch with us and see how you can help on the continued development of Bahrain Circuit and 1994.

The easiest way is to register and post in our forum, or to send an email in our contact form.

Thank you, Eric, for you contributions and wish you good luck at Reiza!