3D arms addon for CTDP 2006 1.1 released

Good evening,

After much waiting we release the 3D arms addon for CTDP F1-2006 1.1, thanks to Codan for the installer & configuration tool.  Enjoy 🙂


  1. Download from http://rapidshare.com/files/227051946/3d-arms-addon.rar or http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3B206XNA
  2. Extract the contents from the rar file and run the installer.
  3. If you made a shortcut when the installer asked you can launch it directly from there by double clicking on it. In case you did not make a shortcut, inside  you rfactor installation navigate to the  ModData\CTDP\CTDP06\3DArmsAddOn folder and double click the “arsmaddon” tool.  Note that  with the upcoming 1.2 release of CDP mod a button will show up in the ctdp control center after installation, from which the 3D arms config tool can be launched directly, but this does not function in the mod 1.1 release as more than likely the button will not show up.
  4. Pick the option to have arms in tvcockpit, arms in both tvcockpit and cockpit view, or no arms.
  5. Drive and enjoy.

Update: As of Version 1.2 of the F1-2006 mod, the 3D arms are already included with the mod and can be activated iwth the ControlCenter.


Hi guys,

There was some silance the past few days. I’m sorry but there is not much to show atm. I did some tweaks on the shaders and cleaned up everything so that we have a smaller mod and less ingame resources used. The safety car is in a good state and shaun is already painting it. It’s already ingame but pretty rude atm so we won’t show it for now. I hope i can finish off the car itself tomorrow. The lightbar on the car is another story. Alex is working on a small surprise for the spinner and Arioch,Gonzo and Speed are working on the physics.

So that’s it for now.

Cockpit & Tcam Previews

Hey guys, We have been showing allot of progress over the last few weeks so i thought it would be good to get stuck into the real important stuff. 🙂 I’m sure your all wondering what your new “office” is going to look like when we get round to releasing the mod, well wait no longer 🙂

BMW Sauber:

More Inside…..

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Steering wheels, the last one …

It’s the last one. The Honda steering wheel ready for a lick of paint, all others are ingame now. Kizz’s modelled this wheel some time ago and I have reworked it a bit, mainly to make it a bit more consistent and the same as the others I did,  so they all have a consistent look and feel throughout. 

 Kizz already did a large amount on the paint, which I will rework to fit the modified/remapped wheel,  that should be done by tomorrow / Friday,  …. after that I’ll begin LOD work.  The last steering wheel screenshot and post 🙂   


Steering wheels WIP

Hello everyone,

Just a little progress report. No screenshots from me today but after my extended Xmas vacation to let you know that steering wheels have progressed quite bit.  Some clever bloke noted that the Toro Rosso and Red Bull steering wheels were 2007 specification  ( a mistake on our part) :),  this has now been corrected with the TR already redone, the Red Bull nearly done and some small touchups to others. 

This leaves just the Super Aguri as the only wheel to be modelled, so not far away and this part for the work will be completed.