Sound Issue

Hi guys,

We want to clear some things about this now. First of all, the whole CTDP Team is the opinion, that Michael Ode did a good job on our sounds. But this topic is very sensetive that’s why we decided to add more sounds to cover all tastes. That’s why we added the ISI BMW sounds and asked FSone for permission of their sounds.

Now Luca de Leo appeared and said we don’t have any permission. He gave permission to FSone and they are not allowed to give permission to anybody else. Well we’re sorry for that, but how could we know that? We asked the Fsone guys.  We went the offical way to get permission so we couldn’t know.  So there are two options now for us. Delete it out of the mod or add the credits with the next patch. We hope to get in contact with Luca,soon to sort that out. We announced the use of these sounds long time ago and more than a few times,too. So we’re wondering a bit why there was no e-mail or no try to contact us about that issue.

The unofficial MMG Soundpackage was not part of our release and we didn’t know anything about it. If anybody wants to add more sounds to the mod using the ControlCenter function we have no problem with it but PLEASE, ask for permission!

To make one point clear, we did nothing wrong, we thought we gave credits to the right persons for the sounds. We’re sorry that this situation now happened but we couldn’t know.


Luca gave us permission now when we add him to the credits next time we update the mod. Thanks Luca de Leo for giving permission for the use of FSONE sounds!

Full-resolution video

Gonzo recorded a “small” ingame video in full gaming resolution (1680*1050, 60fps). One lap in monza. The video-file is obviously very large, more than 800mb. It’s compressed with divx. I got some reports, the playing of the video doesn’t work. I tested with VLC and it run good. Due to the big resolution it may stutter during the first run. Let it run through and watch a second time, it should be smooth then.

Monza-Lap in full resolution (~800mb)

How are they supposed to be?

The topic is not new, there already have been some discussions about this. We have some talks with people who would want update the sounds for us and the question arises:
How are they supposed to sound?

Anybody complaining about sounds or eager to shape the new sounds is asked to post links to (onboard) videos where he thinks “that’s the sound I want to hear in the game”. The better the quality the better we can analyse it.

Be reminded we can’t work miracles , but we want to try for the best.
Please post comments or mail us. 🙂