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“no spare mental capacity left to multitask on devblog right now” afborro

Afborro already wrote such a nice posting about his work on the driver body, but didn’t take the last step, glad I help out. This is what he wrote:

Not been doing much bug fixing lately so what have I been doing ?
driver model and rigs

Over the next few days. The old driver wil be removed from the game and replaced witht the new one. Shaun been doing a few paints and having me made the last few model tweaks I put him in the Ferrari.

I never liked drivers in mods that have stick fingers and arms Hope this a bit of an improvement over that. Also the arms and hands can be easily customised via a bones and kinematics driven implementation for rF1 to fit each car as needed, but also that it can be animated in rF2, (or may be in rF1 via Gonzo’s rtfm=1 )

So I thought would be fun to show the bit in him that reminds me of terminator 2, with 20 hand bones and 4 arms bones, the rig that controls it.

This rig is separate from the biped to be used for the spinner, largely to produce somethign that was a lot friendlier in polycount for ingame, the biped didn’t work well or look good after poly optimisation, so this new way of doing it for ingame, the polycount including LODs of the driver is the same as the original.

In the meantime Whata is working on the driver body textures.

Full-resolution video

Gonzo recorded a “small” ingame video in full gaming resolution (1680*1050, 60fps). One lap in monza. The video-file is obviously very large, more than 800mb. It’s compressed with divx. I got some reports, the playing of the video doesn’t work. I tested with VLC and it run good. Due to the big resolution it may stutter during the first run. Let it run through and watch a second time, it should be smooth then.

Monza-Lap in full resolution (~800mb)

Bugs to hunt down

We are currently busy hunting down bugs. While the physics test are still running, we collect bug reports and fix them. Just to give you a small sense of this, here a screenshot of our today’s bug tracking screen.

So with more than 100 liveries (or is it 150?) and trackvariants, there is a lot of potential for bugs and we put a lot of effort in getting them.