First IFM 2009 ingame shots

You’ve waited long enough, today we’ll show you the first ingame pictures of the IFM 2009 in rFactor 2. The car was already in the game for some time but as we mentioned in the “Mirror, Mirror” post we had to deal with some normal issues first. In the last few days we brought our new tire textures by erale ingame and also replaced the bolts that were previously painted on the liveries with texture planes. The advantage of this solution is a much more detailed texture.

The livery on the car is one of the Jenzer Motorsport cars driven by Pal Varhaug and was painted by juluka.

There is still much work to do but we’re on track. Stay tuned for more ingame pictures in the near future and some making-of tutorials.

WIP Pacific 1994 part n+1

The first little big moment for the F1-1994 mod came this weekend.

Andy exported the Pacific model to rFactor and we got the first look at the car ingame. The result is promising, but not yet beautiful. The helmet is a dummy by Eugenio Faria. The driver body is also a dummy for now, as afborro planed to update his animated driver body. The tyre and rim models are pretty much final, but the textures are not. And lastly the textures on the Pacific car lack any optimization. They got their rendered shadows, but no alpha or specular map tweaking. Also the base-color for the silver car surface is not yet done. This will be the next step and Mediocre is looking into the topic, as I am busy right now with work.

Enough Disclaimer, first proper ingame shots of F1-1994:

Looking for HUD designer

While working on our mods, CTDP also likes to give haven to related projects. Marvin Fröhlich, Marcel ‘M4rrs’ Offermans and Sascha ‘Gonzo’ Grindau have been invovled in a little pet project. Marvin is another programmer in the team and started a new dynamic HUD, short dynHud for rFactor. We will get into the details of the project some other time.

The actual point of this post is, that the work is going well and Marvin and Gonzo are looking for designers to create additional HUD designs. Currently as you can see, it’s not yet emphasized on beauty and we are looking for designers to help flesh out additional designs.

Interested designers can contact us via eMail or in our forum.Feel free to repost or retweet this wanted.

Previously on F1 1994

Imagine you tune into your favorite TV-show and at the beginning they have the recap of previous episodes to give you a head start into the episode. I think it’s about time we do this for the 1994-mod.

It feels like forever that we work on this mod. Actually, our timing is much worse for CTDP94 than it was for CTDP06. We worked on CTDP06 a total of 2,5 years. CTDP94 is in the making since 2003, so for about 6 years. This sounds terrible, it was certainly not the plan, but looking a bit at the history might shed some light on this shocking figure.

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The Lost Features

Two weeks ago, we already presented you some of our mods, we had in mind at one point in time, but which didn’t come to conclusion for various reasons. Today we talk a bit about features, that were actually planed for the 2006 mod, but which were dropped at some point. Actually, when I spoke with Andy for this post, we didn’t find alot to talk about. Obviously, this made us happy, since most of the goals we set for the mod are met, yet it doesn’t give too much to show here. 🙂 Continue reading The Lost Features