rfDynHUD avaliable at github

The first release of rfDynHUD was almost 2 years ago and last year we decided to make the project Open Source to allow Third-Party developers to write their own widgets, enhance the code and contribute to the development. So far we gave access to anyone interested. This week we decided to take the next step and release the source code to the public.

rfDynHUD source code is now available at github. You can browse the project, clone your copy and start hacking new features with Github giving a great interface to manage all contributions and integrate them in future versions. If you have never looked into git, we suggest you do, because it allows for a very comfortable workflow.

We invite everyone who has had a look at Java to have a look.

rfDynHUD 1.3.0 released

Marvin Fröhlich released version 1.3.0 of his rfDynHUD overlay-plugin for rFactor. This is mainly a maintenance release, however there have been some cleanup and some changes to the Widget-API. Widgets written for version 1.2.x may not work and should be updated. We urge third-party authors to update their widgets. Please report any problems you encounter in our forums.

rfDynHUD is Open Source and licensed under GNU Public License V2. Contact Marvin for access to the source code. Please remember the license does not allow commercial redistribution!

Last release…

… of 2010. This morning we released version 1.2.0 of rfDynHUD. The new version addresses many bugs and brings many long requested new features. Check out the changelog for the full list. Read the full news on our homepage.

rfDynHUD is now Open-Source under the GPL v2. The source code is available for everyone contacting us. The new release also includes a SDK for creating your own widgets.

Ultimate release of ultimate patches

We are happy to announce a big release day. We have new versions for F1-2006, rfDynHUD and the DDS-Utils. Checkout the full news on our website.

As you will see the Mod is available only via torrents for the moment. In a few days once the big load decreases, we will add traditional HTTP-mirrors.
Speaking of mirrors. We need new mirrors and if you want to support us by hosting our mods you are welcomed. Contact us for details and we will link to you from our site. Please note, that our download volume is pretty high due to the big file sizes, so be aware, that we produce alot of traffic.

Thank you all and have fun with the Mod and the tools!