Physics, so much work …

In response to the question, if the physics are based on the BMW07, Gonzo, one of our physics gurus wrote the following:

The beginning and first tests go back far more than a year. I did first tests shortly after releasing the last patches for the 2005 mod. We had our hands on the 2006 mod and the BMW07, it was a flowing process.

Michael and I worked sometimes apart from each other, sometimes together and we invited testers for the physics-test-team which supported us in our work.
You don’t develop towards a deadline, but you try to steadily improve, to collect and include real data. Always looking for things that are not “real” and to eliminate them, trying to get to the limits of rFactor1.

The 2006/2007 was the base, correct.
But it was just a start, ther is not much left from that physics.

We ve changed all and everything, tweaked all parts which are available in rfactor.
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