So many cars…



…were racing this 94 season. here you can finally see all 14 teams taking part at the season beginner in brazil, showing their track specific texture and shape. only mclaren is not “down” to date, forgot to detach the bardge boards 😀 The rims and tires are only temporary solutions, until the real ones are finished.

some update…

i thought to let you know that i am quite busy finishing modelling and artwork for 1994. progress is processing very well. picture shows some fictional constellation of the 94 benetton ford, as the rear wing is the late season one. just wanted to have a look at the measurements. next will be steering wheels and the face lift of the williams, cause i noticed i modelled the wrong nose, a pre-season one. if there is someone out there who can deliver pictures of steering wheels, especially from the low-budget teams, this would be great. so far, have a great time…


Workload 1994

One of the aims of the development blog was to give you a more transparent look at what we are currently doing and what the status of the mod is. We know we seem to work slow, we very often hear criticism about it. We are in no hurry, we don’t have to proof anything, we work on it for fun and we release it once we feel it is ready for release. This is one of the advantages we have earned in the last few years.

Still people complaining are bugging us. It is demotiving and doesn’t help anyone. Often I have the feeling they don’t know what workload it actually is to produce such a mod. So we started compiling a list of all tasks involving the 1994 mod. I don’t claim this list to be complete, but it gives you a rough overview what we will be facing once we are done with 2006. The list for the 2006-mod was about the same length.

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