Renault WIP

Paulo provided me with some first WIP-shots of the Renault. He is currently painting the car and sorting out mapping flaws. During the next days he will continue his work, so the car will soon be ready. Later Raül will take the texture and create all trackspecific liveries. In the meantime Andy is already getting the car ingame, preparing all shaders and all upgrades.

Renault WIP1Renault WIP2

Get it over with

At the moment I am in involved in one of the most boring processes of carpainting. I get all cars, have to touch up all texture-sources, add missing things, check for mistakes, make missing track-liveries and finally saving them all to dds.. Some cars like Toyota or Sauber actually drove with the same livery all the year, others modified them very frequently like Toro Rosso which requires several liveries up to 7-8. So far Toro Rosso, Toyota and Ferrari were done, during the last days I finished BMW-Sauber painted by Paulo, Williams painted by Steffen and McLaren painted by myself. Next coming up will be Honda. No screenshots today. 🙂

Scuderia Toro Rosso Season Upgrades finished

Ok guys, i finished the Scuderia Toro Rosso Season Upgrades. So only LOD’s left and this car is totally finished. I’m currently working on the BMW Upgrades which contains a lot more upgrades than STR. I atteched only 3 shots of STR to show the most recent upgrades but there are a lot more (one for each GP raced in 2006).


Working …

Well not much to show, we are working on the upgrades, finished the first teams for good, for example Toro, Ferrari and Midland. I finished all 8 Toro Rosso Liveries and hope to never see this car again. Andy is composing all upgrades for the car. We are also trying which we actually can use and so far our tests are promising to bring you a big variety.

We post more, when we have more to show to you.