CTDP 1994 – WIP (Williams In Progress)

Hi all.

I’ve been working so hard this week (to be honest, since yesterday) to get the paintjob done as accurate as possible. I have “Reading Week” so no University this week… It’s supposed that we have to read, not painting… but well… Here’s what I have so far in 2 days of hard work.

Williams FW16 Preview Image
Williams FW16 Preview Image

More screens after the jump!

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R26 – DONE

After a few months, I’ve finished painting the Renault R26, that won the 2006 F1 Season Constructor’s and Driver’s World Championship. The final livery, the Mild Seven one, has been finished over 3 days of hard work

I’ve done the final livery, and touch ups, so it will be with Andy later today, so expect ingame screenshots soon.

R26 Mild Seven - CTDP 2006

As Always, Q&C’s accepted 😉

R26 [5/6] – The Kebab [LOL]

Hey Guys! Want a Kebab? Maybe not, and you’d rather this Turkish Renault. Only one skin left and R26 will make track debut… and also that means that the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter and brighter… Also, notice that that model has the shadows, that means, more progress ^_^

R26 From Turkey - CTDP 2006

Hope you like it, and as always, Q&C more than acepted 😉

PS. Known bug already solved is the mapping of the front wing.

R26 [4/6] – French GP [Shark TIME!!]

 Seems that CTDP is a Zoo or something, with all these animals on the cars… Just joking guys.

Here’s another show that we’re working on the thing again and again (this evening I’d rather stay and painting than University…). Hope you like it, as the lack of pictures was big, and I was forced to watch the French GP from 2006 again.

R26 From France - CTDP 2006

Questions and Comments, acepted 😉

R26 [3/6] – Canadian GP

Hey Guys!

I thought I’ll never paint this, but I’m very proud of it. It is painted as close as possible to the real one. Also, the Shape in the preview is Canadian GP Spec (and don’t worry about the normals near the cockpit, they’re going to be fixed).

R26 From Canada

Hope you guys enjoy and like. Questions and Comments are welcomed 😉

R26 [2/6] – The Kitty!! ^_^

Yesterday, SA Updates, now this… CTDP’s in Constant Motion… (DT Fans will understand…). Also yesterday, I’ve finished the exams… so now I can be a full time painter. I spent all the afternoon and evening (that’s why I wasn’t on Messenger), and finally, after 5 or 6 hours, I came with this…

R26 Kitten Skin

So, here’s the kitten of CTDP 😉

Hope you like it guys… next will be Canada… the most pain in the rear I’ve ever seen…

[UPDATE 5-FEB-08] R26 on my hands [and again…]

Hey CTDP’ers!

Just want to let you know that R26 is on the way. You may notice that is the second post of the R26, but just let you know that some errors on the shape and mapping were the reason why this car is delaying. Also Paulo let me paint that beauty… Thanks Man!

Now, as Andy fixed the things I’ve told about that (both shape and mapping), sent me the “new” car and here I am, painting it, combining with exams.

Also, wish me luck as I’ll paint all the track-specific liveries… More WIPs to come, so Stay Tunned!!


EDIT: 2nd WIP with the main desing done!!