Ferrari Upgrades finished & more

Hey guys,

We’re back in work after our small x-mas vacation. Today i finished the Ferrari Upgrades for the whole season. The screenshots are a bit ugly because of the jpeg compression but i think you can get what i want to show ;). So there is only SuperAguri for Upgrades left, my next work will be Renault, have to do some shape fixes and some mapping issues to solve. After that i’ll hopefully finish the SuperAguri Upgrades which are already progressing by Marko S. Then i need to finish the new driverbody and the worst thing at the whole mod………. LOD’s!



Upgrades,upgrades and again upgrades!

Hi everybody,

As some of you know,i’m working on the upgrades for each car. Finally got a lot of stuff done. At the moment i’m finalizing the toyota upgrades. The whole upgrade thing is a huge pain because each upgrade must fit to each livery. As Dahie said there are teams e.g. Midland/Spyker who changed at almost each GP some parts of the livery. So far, we have upgrades done of the teams Mclaren,BMW,Williams (small touches left), Midland/Spyker, Honda, Redbull, Toro Rosso. Toyota should be finished by the end of this week. Marko Stanic helped me a lot with the upgrades and he is working on Super Aguri SA06 (complete new car which was introduced during the season). After finishing Toyota upgrades i will move to Ferrari upgrades.

Something that hasn’t anything to do with upgrades; Renault shape is finished as you saw in some previous blog shots. Now it’s mapped (big thanks to afborro) and it’s Paulo’s turn to paint the liveries. Stay tuned for some shots. Upgrades (oh again 😛 ) for Renault were done by Marco Büttner as well, so in summery only Ferrari and Super Aguri Upgrades are left at the moment 🙂 .

I’ll keep you updated guys. We’re getting slow but steady to the “Start/Finish” line, maybe this year, but surely next year 😉

Scuderia Toro Rosso Season Upgrades finished

Ok guys, i finished the Scuderia Toro Rosso Season Upgrades. So only LOD’s left and this car is totally finished. I’m currently working on the BMW Upgrades which contains a lot more upgrades than STR. I atteched only 3 shots of STR to show the most recent upgrades but there are a lot more (one for each GP raced in 2006).


Super Aguri Ingame!

Hey guys,

Super Aguri is finally ingame. Small texture adjustments left. Kizz will finish the track specific liveries,too. Once everything is fixed and the track liveries are done, karan will make some nice shots. (maybe at weekend). In meantime i have 2 shots for you guys. Note: Not everything is final and i deactivated AA and AF to get better fps 😉

Yamamoto @ OldRing Park IIYamamoto @ OldRing Park