Hi guys,

There was some silance the past few days. I’m sorry but there is not much to show atm. I did some tweaks on the shaders and cleaned up everything so that we have a smaller mod and less ingame resources used. The safety car is in a good state and shaun is already painting it. It’s already ingame but pretty rude atm so we won’t show it for now. I hope i can finish off the car itself tomorrow. The lightbar on the car is another story. Alex is working on a small surprise for the spinner and Arioch,Gonzo and Speed are working on the physics.

So that’s it for now.

HDR hype,screens & another status update

Ok after the track debut of Renault our blog was a bit unused for some time.  We’re working on some things we can’t directly show to you (like lods and physics). So i asked “Montoya” to create some new shots with the HDR Plugin installed. You can find the result here:

As i mentioned above LODS are still wip. Afborro is coming to an end with lods hopefully until next week so we can test them,soon. AFTER this test we can validate the system requirements for the mod.

MMG’s Bahrain

MMG’s Bahrain Track by SteveB

Right now we want to give a small statemant to the community. On 31/03/08 MMG’s Bahrain Track was released and we took a closer look at it because in the first release of the trackpack we already found lots of our stuff in the track.

With the new release of the trackpack, we again found things identical to ours:



These pictures proof us right. Nobody can ignore that at least buildings are used from our Bahrain and on the videowalls our CTDP2005 mod videos are running.

To sort out this issue we contacted Yanden as MMG’s “CEO” and to Phil as MMG’s Webmaster. We also talked to F1Racer and showed him this “issue”. Nothing happened. Then we talked to Phil on MSN and resend the mail so he knows everything now. He said he will talk to SteveB about that.
Yesterday I re-asked him the third time to remove the download until this issue is sorted out. I don’t want to publish the whole chatlog, but to summarize it, he said he won’t take it offline. This sounds interesting cause they accuse F1RFT of using their work. Looks like a double moral standard here..

We talked to Ralph Hummerich,too and he never gave any permission to convert this track,too. So everybody can draw his own conclusion but here is CTDP’s stand on the whole issue. We’re not very happy about that. We would have prefered a more internal solution for this “issue”.

There is nothing more to say from our side, we just want to present the facts.

Another Statusupdate

Ok, just a few words about the status of the mod. Afborro already finished lods for 3 teams (Ferrari,BMW & Redbull). Shaun and me finished work on Super Aguri (both SA05 and SA06). I’m now working on renault, finishing model, adding the shark grills into the sidepod and baking shadows. After that i’ll fix normals on the car and finalize the shaders for ingame. Marko sent me the Safety car so it’s almost ready for mapping, I just have to do some small adjustments and final touch ups. Afborro is continueing on lods and after lods and renault are done, Ingy will start to do a small teaser video to show the full grid. So we’re coming along quite good and the end is coming closer and closer 🙂

Status Update

Hello everybody!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shaun is working on SA06 liveries (as you can see in previous posts), alex (afborro) finished the last steeringwheels (all 11 wheels are finished now) and is working on something special for the showroom (will be a small surprise for you guys). I’m finishing the SA06 Shape now, i fixed some small inaccurancies at the wheelbases of Mclaren, Toyota and Renault. Then i have to add the shark grills to the Renault and bake shadows for SA06 and Renault. So i think you guys want to know what’s left so far? Well a lot of small stuff and some bigger things like the safety car ;). If everyting is going well we can start with testing in about 6-8 weeks. So the end is coming closer and closer!

Aguri Upgrades & Renault

Hello everybody,

I finished the Super Aguri 05 Upgrades and started working on Renault. We found some shape mistakes we want to fix before the painting gets into the final stage. After Paulo dropped the car and Raul took it over I also decided to try a new mapping technique to have less distortions on the livery (cozed by these horrible roundings everywhere on the car). Karan did some new shots of the current dev version.