The privilege to be proud….

Well 2 years and about 5 months are gone now. We started a project during an exciting period of formula one racing. Michael Schumacher had his last chance for his 8th title. For most of us, it was a special formula one season, if you hate him, or love him, it doesn’t matter. We worked on a project together as a team, not as single persons. That’s our real secret. And now after the release, I’m really proud to be part of that team. Everybody gave his best, even if it means he has to work night and day, during illness or vacations, it doesn’t matter.  During the development some members left and some new came into the team. Lucky enough for us we got the right guys. Full of motivation, full of passion for that mod and with these new members our level increased again. So my special thank is directed to the “new guys”. But I should not forget the “old” members, which are at CTDP since we founded the team. We had hard times, and good times. This is good day for everybody in the Team.

Now here we are, after 2 years and a few month to show you, the community, what we have done during all the time you were waiting for this mod. We know it’s not perfect, but it was something special for us. We feel like a father seeing his child is leaving home to discover the world. And we all at CTDP hope, you discover all the lovely details of this mod.

So CTDP wishes you happy St Nicholas Day with CTDP F1 2006 modification for rFactor.

Bad news…..

Hi guys,

This time, we have some bad news for the community. We made a cool concept for our intro video, searched for music and had cool ideas. But in the past few weeks nobody had time to do it. We asked stabiz, he did some nice vids and he agreed to help us out. Then his pc crashed and now we don’t have an Intro for our mod now. We thought it would be cool to have one. So we decided to make the big package not bigger again for something 99% of you just watch 1 or 2 times. We’ll do a nice intro video with all our ideas after the release and take the time for it. It will be an extra download and can be downloaded if the user wants to have it.

What do you expect???

First, let me say i’m speaking just for me in this post, not for the whole team. These thoughts are my thoughts and maybe some of the CTDP members share my point of view on some topics, mabye not.

Well reading the last devblog comments in the last few weeks, there’s a bit sadness coming to me. I don’t know, if we really can meet all these expectations. Sure, we worked over 2 years on it and we’re pretty proud to what it is now, but it is still just a Formula one mod. Not more. We had some non CTDP work to do,too. We did the BMW 2007 for ISI and we also did some other game stuff which was not ISI related. But we never gave up our „baby“, the 2006 F1 mod. We gave attention to a lot of small details because it’s something special for us. I don’t know if anybody else will see the same behind the mod like us. It was part of our daily life during the past 2 years, we had good days with and bad days,too. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter, it was worth the work. It was the last season of one of the greatest drivers ever. This is our way to pay tribute to him. I really feel a big gap on today’s formula one when I watch the old 2006 videos. Sure the post Schumacher F1 was good,too but it’s not the same anymore for me.

I’m so proud of the whole team. Everybody did his part to make this mod become something special and I’ll really miss that once the mod is released. We did the best we could do with all these restrictions.

So nevertheless, I hope you’ll have a great time with this mod when it is released (even if it’s 2 years too late), but don’t be too harsh if you don’t like it. For us, it’s still something special you can’t understand when you’re not involved in the project.

Thanks for your attention.

Cube Map Experiments – Feedback needed!

Hi guys.

6e66o did some experiments with the cube map and he tested it with a beta version of our mod,too. So now we’re a bit unsure what to do. Add it to our mod or not? If we add it, we have to adjust the alpha layers of all of our textures and we don’t know if the community like it or not. So again your opinion is needed. I think all of you now know how the mod looks like so i only link to the pictures from the edited version with the new cubemap by 6e66o.

Status & other things

First of all, sorry for delay on posting news on the devblog.

We were quite busy working on the mod the last few weeks. I was working on the Safety Car cockpit. The cockpit is ingame now while Shaun is working on the textures. Erale, who did the DTM 2007 mod, will do the rev gauges for us (thanks for that!). Alex (afborro) is working on the new driverbody for the mod and some stuff to increase the performance of the mod (new lod’s etc.)

Now to the most important point of the mod, physics. We are at about 90% and we’re doing intensive testing now. Each weekend we’re racing 2 50% races on 2006 tracks to gain the data we need for the physics.  We finished the Races on Melbourne and Imola last weekend so you can calculate when we’re about to finish. It’s possible that we do more tests after the betatest season is completed but we’ll keep you updated about that.

Another point we’re thinking about is a PSE (public server edition). It’s not a version of the mod with equal physics for each car (like MMG did). It is an installation for the dedicated servers. There you have only the really needed files, e.g. no car textures etc. to get a smaller installation for the dedicated servers.  But we’re not sure if there is really need for it. So comments on this point are more than welcome.