Work on the steering wheels has continued. Andy has picked up the Williams-Steering wheel, fixed some mapping issues, improved the handles and finished the model. Now it’ll be painted. Matthew started again on the Midland-Steering wheel, as there were some inaccuracies, which would’ve taken longer to fix than to start again. However this wheel is also nearly finished and will be mapped later. Here is a screenshot.

Spyker steering wheel

Sort of first McLaren screens

Ok, the McLaren textures are done and they ended up just great. I’m damn proud of them. This one and Toro Rosso I think are my finest works and real icing on the big 2006-mod-cake. I hope you think the same when you see it in person.

Here are the first two screenshots, they are on the homepage as well.

McLaren Screenshot McLaren Screenshot

Please don’t ask for more, if you do I may not want to post anymore. πŸ™‚ :p

Steering wheel time

The work on steering wheels started. First we sorted out, which could be simply updated from 2005 and which had to be done new. Well most of them. Ferrari was one of the few who just got some small updates, implemented by Kizz.

Nearly done is the Williams-wheel by Matthew. Last but not least, after finishing Williams Matthew started the Spyker-Wheel. Both are done from scratch as you can see.

FerrariWilliams Spyker

How are they supposed to be?

The topic is not new, there already have been some discussions about this. We have some talks with people who would want update the sounds for us and the question arises:
How are they supposed to sound?

Anybody complaining about sounds or eager to shape the new sounds is asked to post links to (onboard) videos where he thinks “that’s the sound I want to hear in the game”. The better the quality the better we can analyse it.

Be reminded we can’t work miracles , but we want to try for the best.
Please post comments or mail us. πŸ™‚

New Website

Haha, totally unannounced, that’s the way!

This is an example where 2 months of planning are better then 2 weeks of actual work. It took long to find the right CMS. The website is made with the Typolight-CMS. Great thiing! I’d also say thanks to Aprilliaracer for some help the sometime demotivating repeatativ tasks.

Now what is this webblog. Short how it works. We post work in progress stuff and you rip it to pieces and tell us what you think. Every tiny mistake we make. Like with the webpage. First homework, write me what you think or where you may have found mistakes. πŸ™‚

Have fun