Opening our Video Museum

CTDP has been around for a long time. Much promotional videos we released were done before Youtube was big and before HD was a thing. To have videos online for posterity, we created a new (🤣) Youtube channel where we uploaded some promotional videos we did over the years for different projects. While we won’t bring any new addons, enjoy some nostalgia.

Teaser trailer for F1 2006. We never actually created a real intro video as we focused on getting the mod out.
For several years we have been working on our own rendition of the Monaco circuit. We got some support by ISI on this, but it was never finished. It was later the basis for ISI’s 1966 Monaco track.
For F1 2006, we created a new driver body that was fully animated. This is a rigging test we did.
In 2005 SBS asked as if they can use our track in their Coverage of the Bahrain GP 2005.
Simon Adebisi created this beautiful fan trailer for us

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