IFM 2009: WIP Helmets

While progress has been veeery slow in the past months, we could cross of the occasional todo from our list. Especially from the still-long helmets list Nea and Juluka finished a few. Among them are the helmets of Tappy, Kral (both by Nea), Maulini and Reiterer (both Juluka).

We will show more WIPs when they arrive.

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2 thoughts on “IFM 2009: WIP Helmets”

  1. They look very clean, round (I hope you get what I mean :D) I like them!
    Merry Christmas to the whole team, even if we still are 10 days away. 🙂 Let’s hope 2013 will help you in bringing the motivation back with a good platform to mod!

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