Steering wheel survey

During the physics development we came to a point where we’d wonder what steering wheels the rF2 users are using. Probably most of us already have a steering wheel with an adjustable steering range up to 900°.

But are there still people out there that have a non-adjustable wheel like the good old Logitech Momo Force? Those wheels have a rather small steering range of around 270°. We would need to create some sort of fallback for these users as with the intended steering lock they would get a wrong steering ratio and thus not the intended feeling while steering.

To check if your wheel is adjustable just go into the device settings page and check if there is a slider or something to adjust the steering range. To measure your wheels lock you can turn your wheel to one side till it stops. If it’s upside-down then that would be 180°. Double that and you’ll get your steering lock.

So tell us what kind of wheel you’re using. You don’t have to be registered to vote. Also feel free to add a comment with more detailed information if you like.


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7 thoughts on “Steering wheel survey”

  1. Is this question still necessary? I thought rF2 controls the lock-to-lock value and the sw-ratio in-game…

    G25 here and rF2 is always using different settings. NEver connected a 270° only wheel, but I guess rF2 would then always use this 270° right?

  2. You’ll only get a correct steering ratio if you’re setting your wheel to the correct steering range.

    Or the modder provides you the ability to adjust the steering lock in the garage so it fits your wheels steering range.

    I’ll write another posting in a few days to explain it and why I wanted to see how many people still using 270° of steering range.

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