Final Ferrari 1994 model

With some touchups by Neidryder, we finished work on the Ferrari model. The model was done by Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner in the past months and is now ready for mapping and then painting. Painting will be done by James ‘juluka’ Bendy and erale will continue on the next model.

Andy took a few pictures of the car to show offaround erale’s work.

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8 thoughts on “Final Ferrari 1994 model”

  1. Looks really great.
    I´ve been following your blog for the last two yeras I think and it´s great to see that there are so many updates currently.
    Keep up the pace and the great work.
    I can´t wait for the finished Mod!!!

  2. This is one of the best looking Ferrari F1 cars. The car that succeeded this, the 412T2 is my favorite. That said, this car alone is making me look forward to this mod. GP2 with the 1994 season is what made me a serious F1 fan… this mod is going to be awesome! Thank you for your hard work!

  3. I have to agree with jan_h, although I am not a fan of “the Red Car” and more so of it’s heritage and drivers, I appreciate the design of the 412T2. It is a great looking car. :)…Still I like the uniqueness in design of the tear drop vents on the side pods on this early season version…

    1. At the moment we concentrate the mod to the cars and specifications of the first 4 GPs. We may create another package later on, but there are many factors that may change this. After all, track specific updates don’t make much sense if you don’t have all tracks.

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