rfDynHUD 1.3.0 released

Marvin Fröhlich released version 1.3.0 of his rfDynHUD overlay-plugin for rFactor. This is mainly a maintenance release, however there have been some cleanup and some changes to the Widget-API. Widgets written for version 1.2.x may not work and should be updated. We urge third-party authors to update their widgets. Please report any problems you encounter in our forums.

rfDynHUD is Open Source and licensed under GNU Public License V2. Contact Marvin for access to the source code. Please remember the license does not allow commercial redistribution!

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3 thoughts on “rfDynHUD 1.3.0 released”

  1. FYI:
    I think there is a bug in the 1.3 version of rfdynhud.
    The bug:
    In a nvidia surround 2d (triple head screens) Switching to/from desktop while in Rfactor, make the widgets not be rightly repainted in the screen.

  2. Hello Marvin,

    I already used rfDynHud for some time – and it works great. The only little thing I always wanted to have some widget a little different.

    Therefore I was very glad when I found out that the source code is available from the CTDP Homepage.

    So I tried to re-activate my Java skills – did my last java project approx. 10 – 15 years ago – downloaded the the sources and an IDE (NetBeans 7.2.1) and started working.

    So far so good but here is my issue:

    (A) I can compile and e.g. change the widgets within my java project.
    (B) I can run the HUD editor out of the IDE – but it never uses the newly compiled version of the widgets. I tried to add the rfdynhud.jar file beeing created by the compiler – but than I can’t run the application
    (C) When I manually copy the rfdynhud.jar file to my rfactor directory, I see the changes I made

    What I’m miss (before I can really start a larger widget project) is to make the debugging functionality of the IDE work.

    Please advise as needed.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: There seems to be no possibility to register in the developer forum – would appreciate if link for registration could be provided.

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