Ferrari 1994 Model WIP

Time for some new WIP shots. Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner has been busy building the new Ferrari model. The model has been in development over the past 3 months. After our extensive reviews we deemed the existing Ferrari model not accurate. Updating the as we do with other models became more time-consuming than building a clean new model from scratch. After all we have all models, measurements and as it is important to get the proportions right, this was the way to go. The basic model is finished, erale is currently working on the details, joint lines and suspension.

More screens will be on the way soon.

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 1994 Model WIP”

  1. Really nice model guys, i got into 3d modeling last year and made an F1 car, curious to know what sort of technique you use to get the body part joint lines, also what sort of polly count is that?

    Cheers 🙂

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