Last release…

… of 2010. This morning we released version 1.2.0 of rfDynHUD. The new version addresses many bugs and brings many long requested new features. Check out the changelog for the full list. Read the full news on our homepage.

rfDynHUD is now Open-Source under the GPL v2. The source code is available for everyone contacting us. The new release also includes a SDK for creating your own widgets.

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7 thoughts on “Last release…”

  1. They are. they are. 🙂
    As they previously said, they’re in a sort of period of transition: with rFactor 2 in the making it would be a pity to release 1994 mod for rF1 and lose a lot of the new interesting features.
    We all hope to know something more about rF2 soon, so that maybe their motivation will come back at a higher level! 😉

    1. Not worth the effort, rFactor is dead.
      I will summarize our progress once we have something new to show. It’s slow at the moment, so instead of reposting old pictures over and over again to simulate progress, we prefer to work in silence and show something when we actually have something to show.

  2. rF is dead? No way, I am now enjoying it after a break. And my pc won’t be able to run rf2 no doubt lol. Who knows when I shall upgrade, not done so since Aug. 2006.

    Thanks for this HUD though. Wish 94 was on rF…ah well..thanks for it at all I guess…

  3. Hi, I´m interested in source code of rfDynHUD to investigate and learn to develop plugins for rFactor.
    How can contact you?

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