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  1. don’t take me wrong guys,but i want to know about the progress of the loooooooong waited F1 1994 mod,not about tattoos.and have been a looooong time since the last update. how is the work going? its possible a release before the end of the world,in 2012?

    1. The current limbo between the already-deceased rFactor and the not yet born rFactor2 makes it tough to show progress. There is enough to do before rf2 arrives, but without solid facts, it’s stretching motivation.

  2. This means that the 1994 mod will not be released for rFactor? if so,your team would not be throwing all the work already done in the garbage box? seriously guys,i don’t understand why rFactor 2 is a problem for the 1994 mod.the whole community is waiting for this mod for a very long time,like i said before.

  3. That’s the point, we don’t want to waste effort in creating material that we are not sure if perfect for rFactor 2. We don’t throw anything in the bin and work hard to have everything up to our usual quality, but without rFactor2 we are working blindly only with the knowledge we have from rFactor.

  4. But explain one thing to me,i’m lost.since the beggining this mod was not supposed to be for rFactor? what rFactor 2 has to do whit the original project? you already said that CTDP are not sure if the mod is perfect for the 2. sorry if i’m saying anything to dumb,i’m just a fan of CTDP’s work and don’t want to see the F1 1994 mod in the limbo. 🙂

  5. We never decided on the game. A year ago rFactor2 was too far away to work only for it, so we did prototypes and experiments for rFactor to get work on the basics of the mod done. However as time passed it became clear, that rFactor2 will be faster released than we can finish the mod for rFactor1, so the decision to switch directly to rFactor2 is not a big one.

    I don’t want to close this discussion, because I think they are questions that deserve an answer, but maybe our forum is the better place for discussion as more people read there.

  6. Its okay,i just wanted to know how are going the work. i have to confess this is sad news for me. i was hopping to see the mod released until march 2011,but it seems that i won’t happen. rFactor is a solid game,estabilished in the online races all around the world. im my humble opinion,CTDP could continue the work and release the mod for rFactor and forget about rFactor 2. all Sim racers and F1 fans are waiting for this mod for a long time and we are tired of waiting.

    Anyway,thanks for your time and answers!

  7. I dont think that the community is waiting for rf1 1994 mod, i think and i see that most of the community is bored by rfactor 1, a lot of people already left the rfactor scene.

    rF2 will give us a lot of new possibilities and it will start a new time.

    The once stuff you ll see updated for rFactor 1 is our rFDynHud.
    But this should be stopped soon, too i think.

    rf1 is the past, rf2 the future.

  8. And something i also wanted to tell you guys.i think it’s really a lil bit silly idea to wait on rfactor 2.guys they said that it might be released in 2010.BUT as you can see it is not released.so don’t expect it to be released at the start of 2011.i think that it will take a bit longer maybe mid-2011.i also really want it to released at the start of 2011 but i don’t that this will happen.so guys don’t just lose your time by waiting on rfactor 2.

  9. Nobody is losing time: if they wait for rF2, we only have to gain advantage from this choice. Considering the improvements rF2 will bring, it would be a pity to “waste” such a great mod with such an old platform as it is rF1 now.
    It can still offers good mods, but if we could have an even better result… I would definitelt be happy to wait.

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