Tyrrell 1994 WIP

Fernando silently continues his updates on the Tyrrell. The car is undergoing a big update, that involved body proportions and detail work. Work on the body is nearly completed. The wheelbase was redone based on car specification and technical regulations. The sidepod and the cockpit opening were updated, remodelling of the splitter, rear airbox/sidepod and introduction of modelled NACA-ducts. Fernando will continue to work on the frontwing.

Please note, that the normals on the cars haven’t been done yet, so the surfaces in the viewport look off and much to smooth. Normals will be done in a later stage together with the joint lines.

In the meantime, despite very little time at the moment, Andy is working on the helmet shape and together with Dennis, they are working on the template, to get the helmet-painting started.

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10 thoughts on “Tyrrell 1994 WIP”

  1. any news guys???what is going on???some 6 or 7 months ago you were posting news every week but since then we don’t see so many news from this mod.after the pacific car that was the first one to go ingame has any other car gone ingame???c’mon guys bring us more news!!!it is like being dead for some months now!it is taking too long i think.

  2. Tough situation, the general motivation is down it seems. Some members are waiting on others to get necessary work done. It seems we just don’t get out of the bottlenecks and so work is very slow. Also the uncertain schedule situation around rFactor 2 is not helping, as nobody cars for rF1 anymore and rF2 is too far on the horizon right now. There is just no pressure to get things done … 🙁

  3. oooh so it looks like a big problem i think!!!so maybe we will never see a scratch made formula 1994 mod on rf.on the other hand i see many teams waiting for rf2.but i think that rf2 will be very different from rf1.so why not just release the mods on rf1 and when rf2 comes out convert it to rf2.i am just asking because many many teams are waiting on rf2!!!so back on f1 1994 maybe you can release a beta or demo of this mod with alpha version physics and with 3-5 or more cars.i know that you always want something finished and then released but maybe you can do this little thing for the community!!!because we have seen so many f1 1994 mods being stopped.i really hope that the motivation will be back and the mod will get started again!

  4. I’m not too worried about the current situation. It’s not like we don’t want to finish it, but the situation right now isn’t worth lots of effort. rF1 is dead and any physics work on it is a waste of time and not being reused in rF2. Same with Shader and Model work, rFactor 1 is just good enough for experiments but without rF2 we don’t know what the final requirements to the models are. So with too many unanswered questions there is no point in hurrying and ending up with unused work.
    Still there are enough things that COULD be done right now, which aren’t being focused at unfortunately…

  5. that’s true on rf2 Dahie.that is what i am talking about because teams are making mods waiting for rf2.maybe rf2 will be a whole different story or it may not.so thanks for the update Dahie.you are i really good team if not the bst team in the rf community!!!let’s hope that all problems or situations can be solved.thank you!

  6. Guys, I’m not kinda dude, who rushes things, I’d rather prefer to have a good one – mod in this case. I’m confident that CDTP will release another great mod, and I wish You all the luck. This is one of the most important F1 seasons. I burst in tears every time I watch Senna’s crash. This had put MSC in number 1 racing driver from back then. GOOD LUCK!

  7. okay, finally i found the guts to ask. even if i will be booed from the whole rf community:

    are there any plans or ideas on making a mod for cm`s f12010?

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