Tyrell Work in Progress

Over the past few weeks Fernando Prieto has been busy reworking the Tyrell. After the reviews were done by AndreasT and myself he took over the model and working through our issue reports.

Fernando is one of our new guys and Tyrell is his first car with the team. He is very motivated and happy to show his first work in progress shots of the car. Note that these are no beauty renders and there are still a lot of things to do.

A lot of recent work wasn’t really visible and more a matter of organization and research. We hope to show more new things in the future.

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7 thoughts on “Tyrell Work in Progress”

  1. remarkable work again CTDP! Can’t wait to play this…

    Just one question tough…will you finish this mod for rfactor, or if in meantime rfactor2 is released you will be releasing it for new platform???

  2. Nice to see the progress,
    but I don’t like shadows on the side view,
    he should use some detach tool and everything should be better (it’s only suggestion from me ;] ),
    nice to hear about release for rf2

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