Enough already :)

Seriously, we never got so much feedback on a call-for-help. We had 8 people contacting us and we are currently welcoming everyone to the team, introduce them to our infrastructure and hand out the work. We were really surprised by this number and have to work to give everyone their work packages. This will be a new wave and hopefully we have a lot to show you in the next couple of months.

At the same time as I’d like to say thanks to those who responded to our call, I’d like to quit the call-for-help now. CTDP is always looking for new members, even when we don’t say it out loud. Having so many new faces at once is very nice, but also a challenge. I don’t want to discourage anyone from contacting us, but we can’t handle more people right now. Instead I’d like to say, contact us in a couple of weeks when the dust has settled and we can say where we are at again.

Thank you for the responses,

PS: I wonder if such a call also works for track texture artists…

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14 thoughts on “Enough already :)”

  1. Uhm… can we expect 4 new mods announced then? 😀 I’m just kidding, I’m really happy to see that you can now better split works to different people. 🙂 Best wishes!

  2. Pssst! First, we have to finish the top-secret Initial-D, Slingshots, Alfa-Romeo-Challenge, Supercup, Formula3, Clio Cup, BTCC, DTM, SGU, Batmobile, ETLA and Bumpety Boo.

    1. Attention, attention! Empirical studies have shown, that a lot of information on the Interweb may be of ironic nature and is not to be taken seriously.

  3. lol
    I hope you guys are enjoying the summer too (even if I don’t, as I’m locked in my room to study :D) or in the 1994 mod there’s the risk to see beaches and lovely girls, instead of tarmac and sexy cars! ^^

  4. Well I just read it by casual but on my HDD i have about 2-3gbs of 1994 season info, I was on MMG so long and my job was got all this stuff for 1994 modellers, maybe if CTDP interest and if that helps mod i can share 🙂

    I only will ask though isaacosi@hotmail.com because probably i wont be back to this blog anymore i dont play any videogame anymore i found it only by casuality 🙂

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