Ultimate release of ultimate patches

We are happy to announce a big release day. We have new versions for F1-2006, rfDynHUD and the DDS-Utils. Checkout the full news on our website.

As you will see the Mod is available only via torrents for the moment. In a few days once the big load decreases, we will add traditional HTTP-mirrors.
Speaking of mirrors. We need new mirrors and if you want to support us by hosting our mods you are welcomed. Contact us for details and we will link to you from our site. Please note, that our download volume is pretty high due to the big file sizes, so be aware, that we produce alot of traffic.

Thank you all and have fun with the Mod and the tools!

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9 thoughts on “Ultimate release of ultimate patches”

  1. Wow! I’m in download! Great choice to use torrent again, I love it: thank you guys, I’ll keep seeding once it’s finished! 🙂

  2. aha you were working on these two secretly??i just kidding guys!very nice work.thanks a lot!!!really really nice job!!

  3. At the end of the day I reached a 1.4 level of seeding: not too band for a 45 KB/s connection in upload! 😀
    Tomorrow I’ll go on. 😉

  4. My exams are getting closer so I have to study, but after I finally managed to try the 1.2 version I really can’t resist anymore and I feel like I have to drive it every single moment! My Toro Rosso need a decent setup for Barcelona! 😀

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