70 thoughts on “CTDP releases rfDynHUD”

  1. Great thing you did!
    Like it very much πŸ™‚
    Combination of TVStyle and MapPlugin, with a CTDP-touch…very recommendable πŸ˜‰


  2. This is great.

    Many thanks for this new gift and congratulations for these nine years of very good mods.

    Good continuation.

  3. The plugin does not function well in 64-bit Windows 7. In practice mode works well but in career mode the game is closed

  4. Never ran anything like this before. I guess you need to know where to install too? Documentation failure.

  5. @killdani:
    Can you tell us more? Could you take a look in the logfile of the plugin, please? I am running rfactor on Win7 64bit. Just tested all sessions in round 1 (Bahrain) in championship mode (this is what you mean I guess) but could not find a problem.

  6. 2 questions:

    Does this work with TVStyle?


    Would it be possible to make the revguage behave like the FOM version i.e. growing bar?

  7. Very handy tool! I do however have a problem. I want the plugin to work with PCC07 where I use 540 degree steering on my G27, with 540 degrees set in the controller.ini for the ingame wheel as well (so they turn in sync). With the plugin enabled the ingame wheel seems to be back to the default 280 degrees(?), which of course is very annoying. I tried uninstalling and voila the ingame wheel was turning at 540 degrees again, so I suspect the plugin affects this part of the controller.ini?

    Hope this is easily fixed/worked around, because I really like this plugin. πŸ™‚

  8. If the plugin API of GTR2 is the same as rFactor’s, it should work out of the box. But I guess, it isn’t. So it would have to be adjusted. And I don’t currently treat this as my business :).

    It does not (currently) work with TV-Style. Though there are some TV-Overlay Widgets included. So your TV-Style might and should be obsolete. I think, it would be a great idea to invite the TV-Style makers to write Widgets for rfDynHUD :).

    About the grown rev bar: Yes, this would be possible. Do you have a video example?


  9. Already found the problem, if I jump over 22 cars that problem,
    Using a translator, sorry if I do not write well;). Thanks

  10. From Logfile

    Process-ID: 1380
    Windows version: 6.1.7600
    Game resolution: 1920, 1080
    Doing Handshake from D3D side…
    Successfully created a pointer to a PAGEFILE Memory Mapped File.
    Found virgin memory.
    First part of Handshake successful.
    Doing Handshake from Plugin side…
    Successfully created a pointer to a PAGEFILE Memory Mapped File.
    Found first part of handshake. Doing second part…
    Second part of Handshake successful. Handshake complete.
    Starting up rfDynHUD Plugin (D3D part)…
    Doing a sanity check…
    Sanity check passed.
    Initializing DirectInput…
    Succuessfully initialized DirectInput.
    ERROR: Could not locate JAVA_HOME.
    Releasing D3D Device (releasing textures)…
    Successfully released textures.
    Releasing D3D Device (releasing textures)…
    Successfully released textures.

    Wont load windows 7 64bit
    Java 6 update 20 and try 18 still wont work

    Editor doesnt load also error in that log file saying cant find JAVA_HOME

    tried fresh install rfactorlite1255 must be something I am doing wrong need some help please


  11. Tried it out and it seemed to work fine until I tried some changes by moving things around. Not sure if it was setting initial invisibility for the competitor positions bar in the lower left or moving the rpm gauge to centre/centre, but one of those triggered massive computer lockup on entering the track. It seemed to work better if I just dragged the rpm gauge to where I wanted it.

    Also is there a way to change the speed indicator on the rpm gauge to read in mph?

    I like the throttle/brake readout.

    I ended up with the in game and the HUD position readouts in the lower left, how do I turn off one or the other?

    At times there is way too much information. It would be useful if the tool included the ability to turn widgets off and leave others on. If it does that it is not totally clear how to make that happen.

  12. Stephen, please take a look at the Inputbindingsmanager in the Tools menu of the editor. Here you will find the currently available key mappings for each widget. In the middle column you can select different actions like e.g. ToggleWidgetVisibility. If you click on a widget, the widget’s name will be displayed in the upper right box under General. In the Inputbindingsmanager enter exactly this name in a blank line in the left column (under Widget Name). Choose ToggleWidgetVisibility in the middle column (under Action), then double-klick in the right column (under Input Component) and assign a key of your choice. Finally, save the new key mapping in the File menu. That’s it.

  13. There’s a little short cut to add the Widget’s name to the left most column in the input bindings manager. Just set the focus to the input field and then select the widget with the mouse and the name will be automatically applied.

    Changing to imperial units is not currently possible.I didn’t see a need for them so I didn’t car about them. I can be implemented though.

    The computer lockup should be a well known freezing bug when entering the track with the plugin disabled and giving the AI control over your car and then reenabling the Plugin. It is fixed in the next release, which is to come soon.


  14. @stabiz:
    As promised I’ve tested PCC07 with the plugin, but I cannot reproduce your issue. Here is what I did: I first installed rF lite and set the angle of rotation to 480 (my setting for CTDP06). Then I installed the mod and checked that the real and virtual wheel are in sync. Having done so, I installed the rfdynhud plugin and without doing anything else, I immediately jumped into the car and, voila, it’s still working. So bottom line is that I don’t think we can help you. I still don’t understand why the plugin should affect the degree of rotation. BTW, I also found out that despite my Porsche GT3RS wheel I’m a really bad Porsche driver. πŸ™

  15. Amazing “customer” support you got going here, Andreas! I reinstalled the plugin and now the rotation works, I have no clue why it didnt earlier. Its an rf lite with PCC07 only, not a bogged down 300GB install from 2005, so I have no idea. Anyway, I can now use rfdynhud so all is good! Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  16. Hi, It’s the greatest tool I ever use. Thank you for all you effort. My question is why I can’t use it in replay. I hope I can see the paddle position of gas and brake when I run the replay file in rFactor. Thanks!

  17. I figured out how to remove ‘Lap”
    I figured out how to get GEAR only.

    [still have issue with dots]
    DX 9 needed?

  18. The problem with the position item turning blck in the editor is already fixed and you just need to wait for the next release (coming very soon).


  19. nevermind, that last post was my error – that is not intended to be ‘All’ drivers, just my laps πŸ™‚

  20. Amazing addon, I was looking for one like this for a long time but I have one question about it.

    I currently use a wireless keypad and I have certain duties assigned, lcd mode (key 5), increasing and decreasing values of the lcd (keys 4 and 6). Before installing the addon I had no problem using them but now if I press one of these keys I move the view inside of the vehicle whose number I click.

    I had already had this problem and solve it by modifying the following line of controller.ini replacing the number “2” to “5” Now it does not work.

    Keyboard Flags = “2” / / Try 5 If There are issues with multimedia keys. Add to include flag: 1 = foreground, 2 = exclusive, 4 = allow windows key

    Could you please help me? It is important because without those keys I can not navigate through the LCD.

    I repeat, amazing addon.


  21. amazing addon….exactly what I needed …… especially pointer keeps the engine I always wanted … now I can always prepare the engine for race on 100 percent :)) thanks and happy birthday πŸ˜‰

  22. Yeah, a pausing detection will hopefully be in the next big update (not in 1.0.1). I hope, this is really possible.


  23. @MontyGC:
    I have no clue what is going on and cannot test it because I don’t have such hardware. The plugin does not change any key mappings. There can only be double-mapped keys (check the inputbindingsmanager in the tools menu of the dynhud editor). I only know a similar effect from the tv style plugin (i.e. I press a key on the numpad and thereby switch to another car). If you have the time and want to help us, you could install rF lite and do a quick test.

  24. Used this in an online 2hr league race with 28 drivers and my rF crashed at about 1hr 40mins. I think it was this because it was a crash I’ve never seen before, freezing with a window with an “OK” button in it. Sorry I didn’t note what the box said. I have XP-32bit.

    I knew it was a risk, but wanted to try it. Usually use map-plugin and TVstyle, without a problem.

    Below is a pic of the race config I used. Most of the widgets worked fine, but the 2 left ones, sector comparison, and the engine/tire/brake life widget didn’t work during the race, although they did in an offline practice race.

    Maybe I had too many widgets running? I am not an expert, but I wonder if a Java is quick enough to handle all the data coming in online.

    Great addon, hope you keep improving it.


  25. @g-mac:
    Ouch, sorry for that! Actually, a large part of testing has been done in online races and afair no one ever suffered from a crash to desktop (or any other kind of hang-up). I don’t think there are too many widgets. In our test races I typically turn on all widgets (except for the map, which seems to distract me from focussung on the race). If you still have your plugin logfile (and maybe rfactor trace file), please take a look and if you find something unexpected, please let us know.

  26. @MS7XWDC:
    The number of displayed cars is by default limited to 22. You can change that number in the editor. Please also read the explanations if you click on maxDisplayedVehicles. I hope that solves your issue.

  27. I found this question by MS7XWDC over at nogripracing:

    Q: any way to make the track position #1 be my color when I’m P1?

    A: Not in the current version. I will add a boolean property for that. You’ll have to wait for the next release.


  28. I found requests to add right height information to the HUD. This can be done. What exactly do you want? Do you only want a Widget, that lights up when the car hits the ground on one of the four corners? Or do you want a full graph for the whole last lap?

    The first approach should be fairly simple in a new Widget. The latter is much more complicated and I don’t think, it should be on a Widget.


  29. And I found a question about the two percentage values on the tire part of the WearWidget. While the meaning of these numbers can easily read from the documentation in the editor the reason for the smaller number always at 100% is as follows.

    Some mods don’t provide a wear-grip table. I wasn’t aware, that there are mods like this out there. I already asked Michael B. for the defaults, that are used by rFactor when no wear-grip table is given and am using them now in the plugin in case.

    Missing wear-grip tables are also the reason for the grip bars being invisible and only the red lines moving down with the tire wear.

    This is all fixed in the current dev-version and will be in the next release.

    I have also added a boolean property to swap the bar’s and line’s meaning for those, who’re more interested in the wear than grip, even if the grip is, what is actually interesting IMHO.


  30. Q (by DazzyB): Also if i set the standings widget to β€˜ABSOLUTE_TIME’ it doesn’t stick and simply defaults back to β€˜RELATIVE TO ME’

    Q: Will be fixed in the next release.


  31. Prunn should team up with you guys and make his 2010 tvstyle “skin” work with your rfDynHUD. Then we would have awesome functionality and great looking hud all in one.

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