70 thoughts on “CTDP releases rfDynHUD”

  1. Yes, I definitely want to talk to prunn or whoever is responsible for the whole TV-Style stuff and want him to join the team. Wouldbe best for all. But forst I want to finish the next release version.


  2. can we get:

    Retired Cars to not show on the Track Position Widget?

    what about adding Safety Car dot to Track Position Widget?

  3. Have you guys attempted to contact Prunn for this? He isn’t really keen, because of Dazor, but I’m sure being part of CTDP will swing him.

    Because the only reason I’m not using this is because they conflict.

  4. No I haven’t contacted prunn yet. But I will definitely do so when the next release is ready.

    About the icon: Read the documentation of the WearWidget in the editor. It explains, what this icon means.


  5. yo instale win 7 64 bit y no hay manera de hacerlo funcionar, antes tenia el de 32bit y anda espectacular pero leo en post anteriores que si les funciona que puedo hacer?

  6. Hi Guys,

    My question is, this plugin work’s on win7 64 bits ? because in my PC doesn’t work. When i used win XP it’s ok and now it’s not working. I transfered my rfactor folder the XP for Win7,and the mapplugin it’s ok but rfdynHUD not run.
    I instaled yesterday DX9 for win7, last java version for win7 64 and when double click in editor he’s not work anybody help-me ?

    Fabricio Matheussi

    1. Hey
      The first version of rfdynhud is not compatible with other overlay plugins. This will be addressed in the new upcoming version.
      I advise you to ask in our forum as Marvin probably won’t read the comments here to give you more feedback.

  7. Hi everyone, could I run this excellent plugin AND HDR Enbseries plugin at the same time?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi guys! I’ve installed Prunn’s F1 widgets and it is working fine…BUT! when the race comes, Prunn’s widgets are replaced with the original CTDP’s. Why? And how can I solve it? Please help me 🙂

  9. Hi all If downloaded the Skin Hud but i have window’s 7
    64xbit and i don’t know for what reason if downloaded things for 64 bit but the hud don’t show up in the game
    can somebody help me out

  10. hi guys , hi marvin !!!!!

    I want to know how can i to create a new widgets as the old tv style (1995-2003) (yellow blocks) because THIS FEATURE ISN´T INCLUDED INTO THE widgets Rfdynhud. what i need ? the java software? please if you know, tell me.

    thanks . warm regards.

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