WIP Ligier 1994 nearly finished

Last chance to take a look at the Ligier before the car goes ingame. Andy has been working, among other things on the details of the Ligier. Since the last WIP-shot all jointlines and holes have been added to the car. Note the fully modeled engine, which can be spotted through the cooling of the sidepod. The textures still sport some of the guides I lay out for Andy to make some positioning easier for him. One example is the fuel-opening.

Next station will be ingame.

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9 thoughts on “WIP Ligier 1994 nearly finished”

  1. In the last screenshot, “Goodyear” is mirrored on the left side-pod.

    Everything else looks brilliant. Stunning work!

  2. At the moment we have the cartexture ready for one half of the car. Mirroring the other half is a matter of minutes and is done as late as possible. You can also see the O. Panis mirrored on the airbox.

  3. Ah cool. I should have known better than to think CTDP would overlook something like that 🙂
    Excellent work, really looking forward to the finished product! 🙂

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