WIP Pacific Racing 1994 Part n

Andreas ‘Neidryder’ Neidhard spent the last few weeks finalizing the Pacific car. The original model was done by Marco ‘BMWFan’ Büttner and the textures were painted by Dennis ‘Mediocre’ Schmidt. Andy took over to convert the model for rFactor and add his magic. The magic being 3D modeled joint lines on the car body. This is the first time we do this, so far all joint lines were always done using textures and normal-maps. Modeling them in 3D gives much more depth and makes them sharper ingame. This comes to a price. Of course the face count increases and is not up to the same count we use for the F1-2006 mod. As the cars are much less detailed as the 2006 cars, we can spent the extra polies and these details without regrets. Pacific checks out with 27k faces.

Here are two work in progress shots within Max from this morning. (Andy did some night shifts…) One showing the full car, second one without body work. The tyre textures are dummies for now, they will be improved later. Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “WIP Pacific Racing 1994 Part n”

  1. Cool! We finally see tires too: this means that the car has reached a good development status. ^^
    I love the detail in the first screen: it really conveys the attention you put in these models. 😉

  2. it has been one full year of full development on the 1994 mod guys.and where we have reached.very very nice work guys.now the cars will start to go ingame i think.will it take one another year to be completed??let’s hope no.if it doesn’t take one more year 2010 will be the year ever i think!!!keep the good work guys!!!

  3. @ktg: don’t forget that it’s not been a year of full development on the 1994 mod: part of the team was involved in different projects (like the Cyclon, 2009 mod and the Superleague Formula,
    http://slfgame.com/) so the work was slower than how it could have been. Now that they are full time on 1994 mod for sure we can expect more progress than in the previous months. 😉

  4. The model and detail look fantastic!

    However the track of the car looks a bit narrow, maybe the wheels have not been positioned correctly yet. The cars should have a max width of 2m.

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