WIP Pacific 1994 part n+1

The first little big moment for the F1-1994 mod came this weekend.

Andy exported the Pacific model to rFactor and we got the first look at the car ingame. The result is promising, but not yet beautiful. The helmet is a dummy by Eugenio Faria. The driver body is also a dummy for now, as afborro planed to update his animated driver body. The tyre and rim models are pretty much final, but the textures are not. And lastly the textures on the Pacific car lack any optimization. They got their rendered shadows, but no alpha or specular map tweaking. Also the base-color for the silver car surface is not yet done. This will be the next step and Mediocre is looking into the topic, as I am busy right now with work.

Enough Disclaimer, first proper ingame shots of F1-1994:

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16 thoughts on “WIP Pacific 1994 part n+1”

  1. This is an important step for everybody: we can definitely say that things are moving forward! 😀
    The car already looks good, but if you say it can be improved… well, I trust you. ^^

  2. wow yeah!!! this is amazing.the first ingame photos.omg.finally we see a car go ingame.this fantastic job guys.the coming months will be very good i think.the car looks nice.as for the helmet and etc i am sure you will make them look as good as the car does.fantastic!!!

  3. @Emerico

    Also, what you linked there is not even a full PR01. It’s a mash-up of PR01 and PR02 parts. Dare I say it, it’s either a PR02 with PR01 rear end or a PR01 with PR02 front wing.

    Looking at the rear end, I’d say it’s the PR01 with PR02-type front wing.

  4. will they go quickly ingame??i mean we will have news about every one or two weeks??or it will take long??nice work guys.when will we see photos of the ligier ingame??

    1. Hard to say, I’m currently reviewing many cars and depending on how much I find on a car to fix, the longer it can take to bring in the next one. Yesterday we spent all day figuring which car to put ingame next, that also explains the slight confusion here. 🙂

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