WIP Jordan 1994 Part 2

Small status update. I get lost in my exams the next few weeks while Andy continues preparing cars for ingame.

Andy worked on Ligier last week and worked on some changes as we reported. These changes required some texture updates to continue. As I’m a bit out of the picture at the moment these changes are postponed for 1-2 weeks. In the meantime Andy picked up Jordan, which I reviewed and cleared last week.

Andy’s procedure is roughly this: He gets the models, which were done by Marco in zModeler and ports them to Maya, where he reworks all necessary parts to optimize the car for rFactor. This includes smoothing some edges and reworking all normals to improve the surface lighting on the cars. This is very important to get proper lighting and especially reflections on the car ingame later.

Here is a small animation showing the differences in the model before and after his tweaks. Often this requires some small remapping afterwards, this hasn’t been done yet and will follow the next few days.

This is the raw car so far without any joint lines, more work for Andy. 🙂

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