WIP Footwork 1994 Part 2

James ‘Juluka’ Bendy continued working on the Footwork, you can see some preview below. I in return gave my comments about the Lotus and James already fixed many of my noted issues. Andy spent last weekend on the pacific. Stefan aka Erale began work on a new helmet model. We have been missing a good one, which is why there are no helmets for the mod yet. Hopefully this branch of work can beginn soon.

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4 thoughts on “WIP Footwork 1994 Part 2”

  1. In the middle render, there is a white shadow right above the Visa logo. It looks like an overlapping, or unwelded polygon on the air intake. I say this because it’s only visible in some angles and not others. I know you guys strive to make your work top quality, so I’m sure you guys will figure it out. 😀

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