WIP Footwork 1994 Part 1

Few weeks ago, on a rare boring weekend, Daniel Senff, uh me, started redoing the yet missing highres texture of Footwork. I didn’t come that far. I requested some changes on the mapping and so the work was on hold, until Marco Büttner could add his changes. Now James Bendy has finished Lotus for the moment and we switched tasks. He is continuing my Footwork and I’ll review his Lotus and add my magic dust.

Juluka had some more to say about Footwork:

Here are some more WIP screens of the FA15. The Brazil Livery is about 95% completed. I have to do the driver names and make some minor adjustments to the matrix design squares to get the design on the car correct. In the mean time I am searching for per race photos so I can proceed with the other liveries. Canada, Monaco and San Marino have limited photos, but I think I am close to having those figured out. The Spain Livery may be an issue of correctness as I have yet to find any good photos of this race and video does not cut it…

Happy Holidays everyone!

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9 thoughts on “WIP Footwork 1994 Part 1”

  1. but this images are not in hi-res so they may not help you so much.just to see and compare your liveries with those.just in case you made a mistake but i don’t think so.youare a really good team.maybe the best in rfactor community!
    sorry for double posting.

  2. Considering how fast rF community is used to “eat” a mod (and forget about it few days later), I do hope that the conversion process towards rF2 will be easy, so to see this work there too.
    Yes, yes, I know I’m exaggerating a bit (too much, I agree 😀 ), so don’t worry. ^^ We will enjoy this wotk on rF1 too for sure.
    These previews are a pleasure! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments…any help with photos and web sites are appreciated.

    We have already changed the green matrix design paint from these screens and moved it back further on the car and scaled it properly. As soon as we get the details cleaned up with the paint design, we can move on to the next livery. 🙂

  4. Now, this is what I call an unexpected news! 😀 Well, this makes the whole thing even more interesting! It would definitely be a sort of killer application for any F1 fan. 😉
    Well, we’ll wait and see: I confess that it would be a pleasure to see the mod at its full potential on the new ISI sim.

  5. i think it’s better to release for both rf1 and rf2.you know maybe many of us here in the rf community may not buy rf2.or maybe rf2 will be like iracing with monthly payments.all i want is just drive and not pay every month to drive.this is ridiculous.let’s wait and see what will happen.and of course we don’t know if it will be easy to convert from rf1 to rf2.well i am not a modder.you know about these things.let’s see first the mod being released and then we can talk about rf2.

  6. iRacing is completely different from anything out there: it would be nonsense for rF2 to have a similar payment as ISI are not hosting 24H servers with leaderboards and similar things. 😉

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