5 thoughts on “Superleague Formula Game price drop”

    1. For the old price none of us would have been crazy about it either. The new price is how we suggested it to be from the start, but it’s not our decision and we are glad the power that be reconsidered.

  1. Definitely better now. I’ll try to see if I still have some time in my demo to check if the new nVidia drivers fixed my stuttering problem that made the game unplayable. 🙁

  2. Unfortunately, this price only counts for the creditcard holders, and not PayPal holders. I would want a copy of this game for 15 Euros. But I don’t have a creditcard. Any other way to get it?

  3. Fantastic game, but could a 2010 add on/mod be made for it soon now? As just having the 6 tracks gets a little repeatative after a while and Brands Hatch with those cars would be awesome on the game!

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