On this Saturday a year ago, we released F1-2006 for rFactor.

Personally, I was sitting in my university to upload the mod to our mirrors and members for the release in the evening. I had a cold and was sitting in the unheated arboretum on the campus, wearing two pullovers and two jackets. The road outside was blocked for several kilometers because of a yearly Nazi-idiot-demonstration, which is held in this district of Berlin. I didn’t see how large it was, but I bet there were more police swarming the streets than demonstration members. The university was open and few individuals thought it was fun just to roam through the empty halls without doing anything. Gladly I found a spot, where I wasn’t bothered – with a cold, fever and a killing headache I did not ask for any confrontation. Β So I was sitting on my spot, preparing the release as much as I could, while outside hell was going on, you could hear the surrounding helicopters. Several hours passed, I watched at least two episodes of House MD, waiting for the upload to finish. 500Mbit are not enough! When I left, everybody was gone outside and everything looked like nothing happened.

I went back home, drowned myself in tea and the FSR Promotion Race began. I was phoning with all members in the team. Originally I was scheduled to do the interviews together with Andy, but my voice was loosing me and my headache only got worse. During the race I was just trying to hold out and wait to flip the release switch. I was just glad when we gave the green light and the mod was release. Everyone in the team was celebrating in our team chat, except me, who wanted to bang his head against the wall – you know bigger pain numbs the milder pain. Some pills later I fell asleep.

The next day I stayed in bed, recovering from the exhausting day before and from my cold. I’d call this commitment, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

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  1. The day you were in bed recovering I was playing the mod all day πŸ˜› If you start sneezing that means you will release the 1994 mod very soon? πŸ˜€ Thanks for your commitment and stay away from the swine flu.

  2. I had my first and my last cold after the one described above, 3 weeks ago. As 1994 was not released 3 weeks ago and as I didn’t have a cold at any of our other releases, the theory seems to be disproven. πŸ˜€

  3. πŸ˜€
    One year ago I was warking at the Italian MotorShow here in Bologna: I met some simracers that asked me if I knew anything about CTDP 2006 and wondered when it would have come out.
    Being lucky enough to receive a beta-version, I read the supposed release date in the readme file: it was cool to say “Keep an eye on the web, it may come sooner then you expect!”. ^^
    Sadly in this year I never had a chance to really sit in front of my monitor and try to learn how all these cars drive, but it still is a pleasure everytime I run the mod in order to have some practice laps. Still the best out there: only Formula Nippon 08 came closer to the pleasure of driving I have with this mod. πŸ˜‰

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