31 thoughts on “Closing the file on F1 2009”

  1. It definitely is a pity, but it’s the right decision to take if the works weren’t going as expected. There’s nothing worse than working on something your not motivated on anymore.
    Let’s try to see the positive part in this, which is the fact you can now concentrate on the 1994 mod. I think it will bring enough satisfaction to repay (you and us) for this little delusion! 😉

  2. Im sure that most people would prefer a CTDP 2009 mod than the 1994 “by now” since it was one of the best seasons IN YEARS and its cars are awasome…

    Sorry about my sincerity you guys rock all the way and I kno that we can just be greatfull for all your care and attention but I could not control my self on this.


  3. no i think that the 1994 season is better than the 2009 season.it’s not only that but there will be the official 2009 game by codemasters.it is better to make a mod that doesn’t exist in the rf community.only ctdp is working on the 1994 season.this is the first time that we will see a historic mod from the best team.it will be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!!!!!!

  4. I understand the situation even if it’s a disapointment!
    You could maybe start a 2010 season with Schumacher’s come-back!

  5. por que no cancelan el mod 1994?? porque ese mod no le interesa a nadie!!! a todos nos gustan los mods de temporadas recientes, y el mod 2009 iba muy bien.

  6. If I get you right you would prefer the 09-mod done than the 94-mod. Well that’s your opionion and we (the team that has the work to do) agreed that we would be more motivated with doing season 94.

  7. CM will do the 2010 season for what I know.Anyway until you would have finished it ppl would have lost interest in it, that because very soon FSOne will release their 2009 season which I think will be very good quality. So I hope in 6 months you’ll be able to finish 1994 season unless will go the drain with 2009.

  8. Well, in my honest opinion…. i rather have a CTDP ’94 mod than a ’09 one. And if you guys are happier doing the 1994, then lets roll on!

    Keep it going the good work

  9. Well guys that’s too sad, but if that’s better for 1994 mod go for it, we will always follow you ;). People are dissapointed because your quality in 2009 mod would probably the best mod in rF. Anyway i’m looking for your mod(s) and keep up the good work .

    PS:Are there any thoughts of a 2010 mod ?

    Thanks in advance

    Pashalis Gergis

  10. i can’t understand you.how can they think about a 2010 mod when no one has seen the new cars.don’t ask silly questions.they make quality mods with all the updates.we haven’t even seen the new cars.come on the 1994 mod will be very nice.think about its quality.it will be great!!!also there is no other team working on a scratch made f1 1994 mod.go go ctdp.you are the best

  11. One question I have? Is ’94 mod going to be for rF or rF2?
    Not so sad about ’09 mod, because we will have FSOne mod and this one wouldn’t be finished until end of 2010 at least.

  12. @ktg Does car looking matter for modders?I meant if they are planning to start working on that mod when real season starts then see what to do.

  13. Aww, I was waiting for the first good ’09 mod so much, but this decision is understandable given the circumstances. Now you guys go and make the best goddamn 1994 mod there has ever been!

    So are you planning to move to rFactor 2 after this mod is done?

  14. Lamento la noticia d ela cancelación del mod 2009.
    Queria preguntaros, ¿del mod 2009 se habia realizado alguna fisica de algun equipo?. Y si es asi, ¿es posible sacar algun parche con la fisica para el ctdp 2006?. Asi, por lo menos, no tendriamos los vehiculos pero si unas fisicas actualizadas para esta temporada (fisicas igualadas)


  15. I didn´t even know about the 2009 mod until I read about it in VirtualR.net

    Anyway, Im glad that the 94 mod is progressing and will have max attention now. Its one of my absolute favourite seasons in F1 ever.

    I took a look on some shots of the cars and the models are awesome!

    CTDP, Keep it up! 😉

  16. Guys, you really should make a 2010 F1 MOD. This season is going to be awesome. The return of Schumacher and Mercedes; Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes with 6 great pilots; Vettel in Red Bull, Kobayashi in Sauber and Senna in Campos; the new teams; the end of refueling during races. This is going to be a historic season.

    Besides, the hard (and amazing) work you made in 2006 MOD is usable in the 2010 MOD. It needs just a few adjustments in the rules. Beyond the new cars, of course.

    If you haven’t think about it yet, do it. You are extremely talented.


  17. Por favor, escribes en inglés la proxíma vez.
    No habíamos plans por retomar F1 2009.

    By (CTDP)Dahie on Feb 28, 2010


  18. Because a big part of our team cannot speak anything but their mother tongue and English. And I think there’s only three in the team who can speak Spanish so it’s impossible for the biggest part of us to reply you. 😉

  19. As for your second question (somehow forgot to answer it) we have already told our reasons for it on the homepage. On the one hand the mod didn’t really progress, on the other hand we fear some licencial issues.

  20. It’s a shame about the CTDP 2009 mod, actually had big plans for it covering a lot of potential, but as for now we use the 2006, which is great, and being a Midland driver i get to see all the lovely looking cars as they speed past again, and again, and again, and again…

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