Andy is doing goood…

We already started previewing the details of the Pacific car 2 weeks ago. Andy enjoyed a week in the snow and is now back and nearly finished with his update of the car. He added a huge amount of details and is left with some mapping fixes, before the Pacific car will be the first to rollout ingame. While it was the last team in 1994, it’ll be the first this time. Enjoy some more close-up shots on the model-details.

This aren’t renders, but from the simple viewport, so use your imagination and “project” some Anti Aliasing (Hey, aren’t we all cylons after all?)

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10 thoughts on “Andy is doing goood…”

  1. very nice work guys!!!so this is the first one to go!!! it us(the rfactor community) about 4 years to see a car from f1 1994 mod go fantastic work now you will put all cars ingame and then make the physics or one by one?one last long will it take?thank you

  2. first to come are the graphical things, followed by the physics at the very end. i cannot tell what time we will spend on that by now, it is just not possible to evaluate this

  3. Hopefully with the first car ingame the physics development can start right away. For the 2006-mod it was bad timing to have graphics done before physics, while it can be done in parallel.

  4. ok, 4 years for 1 car in game…and are 14 teams. so 14 x 4 = 48 . hmmm then in 48 years will have all the cars in game :D,another 10 years for the physics. Then in 58 years maybe it will be done.great job !!! but wait then i’ll be 80 years old, don’t think i’ll be able to play it anymore 🙁 but lets be positive and hope that they will discover a cure for ageing until then and i’ll be able to play 😛 keep up the good work (\(*_*)/)

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