WIP Lotus 1994 Part 4

Juluka continued his work on the car texture and delivered his first version.
Next step is, that I get the texture for review and make my comments and remarks for improvement. In the meantime he already continued work on the first special livery, driven by Johnny Herbert in Brazil. Upon further picture analysis we found, that a variation of this livery was driven at the Pacific GP as well. James theorized, that Lotus planed to run more special liveries throughout the following GPs, but as both cars didn’t finish in Aida the plan got scrapped and the rather decided on a constant livery change in France. Lots of livery history here. 🙂

The last one is a picture of the WIP of the Brazil-Johnny-Herbert-livery. Everybody enjoy your thanksgiving, if you life in the US like James does. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “WIP Lotus 1994 Part 4”

  1. So, they didn’t only switch their drivers like their underwear but also their livery and sponsors? 1994 was kinda cool. Every race was a season for itself.

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