What are you doing part 2

Andy continues his magic. This car is still missing a piece, you’ll notice when you try to change to nose. Right now you’d hear the pit crew call for a new chassis, when the frontwing is broken. Back in the days they had T-cars. Another term, which modern F1-fans don’t know about and which let you feel like an old man. Enjoy the car!


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11 thoughts on “What are you doing part 2”

  1. Hm, offtopic, but I wonder whether Andy can also put some magic on my bank account and maybe double it. Didn’t know he’s a magician. 😉 Anyway, I’m looking forward to see the first cars ingame! 😀

  2. Hope you don’t start anymore projects until you finish this mod. I see things are starting to move faster. Will this be our Christmas prsent from CTDP? 😛

  3. You’re right! Now you don’t see drivers jump into their “spare car”. I can’t even remember the last time a driver did that. The last time several T-cars/spare cars were in use would be Spa 98 I guess?

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