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Work has been progressing quite good on the F1 1994 mod. After finishing his stint on the Cylon, Andy picked up the Pacific and is reworking the car to bring it ingame, He’ll try out a few new techniques and smoothen the car. Hopefully there is some new stuff to show you soon, more than just the model-previews we had so far.

So far there were 3 teams, whose textures haven’t been touched at all. Jordan, Footwork and Lotus haven’t been assigned to anyone until last week. So far we only had the low-resolution dummy texture Marco did last year. I began work on upscaling the Footwork texture. I found an issues, which forced some remapping, so I have no screenshots of the progress at the moment. Daniel ‘Codan’ Fredrich signed for the Jordan car, but there is nothing to show yet either. Lotus was taken by James ‘Juluka’ Bendy. He actually specializes on track textures, but asked for a chance to be involved in car textures and this was perfect, but more on this later.

We welcome Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner to the physics team for 1994. He worked together with Andy on the Cylon and we could convince him to join in with 1994. The work on the physics hasn’t actively started yet, but he is currently collecting research material.

At this point I’d like to thank Christian, who contacted us a few weeks ago. He had a subscription of the Italian F1-Magazin “Auto Sprint” from the year 1994, which he began to scan for us. This is very helpful for technical data as well as photos. The amount of data you find on the internet is limited, so the more printed sources we can get the better. So if you have similar subscriptions about F1 in 1994, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also all ear about book suggestions.

Destiny struck on the weekend, when our Subversion server died. We use Subversion to version-control all our source files, which is a great way to keep everyone in the team on the same page and have backups. From what we can tell, we have no dataloss, except the history of the past 2 years, all the latest and uptodate data are save and secure. We are currently setting up and configuring a replacement so work can continue without much break.

So much about the status of the mod. Next post will have some pictures again. 😉

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  1. @f1rac3r: they said in the original announcement that these mod would have been worked by 2 different teams, so that they could have a good progress in both of them without leaving people with nothing to do. 😉

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