“The best Formula One driver that Grand Prix racing has ever produced”

…said Murray Walker but he was not quite right as Katayama’s performances were not really ground-breaking. His team however was and this is why I’d like to show you some WIP shots of the Tyrrell 022. 🙂





9 thoughts on ““The best Formula One driver that Grand Prix racing has ever produced””

  1. Stunned by the details – massive cpit details fuelhose-thingy is not just texture 2D, no it’s modelled in 3D! Very beautiful. I love the way you put the text together to introduce the car-wip 🙂

  2. A bit unfair on Ukyo… TBH, in ’94, he was actually a top driver, let down by unreliability a lot of the time. He did manage to outpace Blundell throughout most of the year, but the car broke down in some very unfortunate moments; most notably, throttle stuck open when he was in 3rd at Hockenheim on merit, despite the start crash (started 5th and charged past the Championship contenders at the start).

    Okay, enough grovelling. Fantastic model and skinning, hopefully it drives as well as it looks. 🙂 Hopefully by the time this is out I’ll either fix my brake pedal or get a new wheel.

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