WIP Ferrari 1994 part 2

We continue our WIP review with the 1994 Ferrari. This car (as pretty much all of them) was modeled by Marco ‘BMWFan’ Büttner. The textures are done by Mike Seymoure. He is also new in the team and Ferrari has been his first serious paintjob. The texture is not yet final and there will be some more work, but it’s on the right track. Please note, that this is “only” the A-version of the car.


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7 thoughts on “WIP Ferrari 1994 part 2”

  1. Realy, can CTDP ever make something bad? I seriously ask myself, because I am watching CTDP from the beginning, and never had to see anything I did not like.

    I really hope this mod will be released in a not too far futhure, because I have waited for 1994 for almost 1994 years now (so to speak). Those cars just are different from 1993 and 1995. A class of its own.

  2. Are they? Of course, in 1993 there were active suspension, traction control and all that stuff but 1995 was virtually the same, only that all manufacturers were told to redesign their cars for the increased safety standards. I think that 1994 is rather remembered for other reasons, but it’s good to see you guys waiting. I’m actually waiting for the mod to finish as well, because it was one of the reasons why I joined CTDP. 🙂

  3. I really hope that this car will do justice to the real thing. Especially through the sound…

    And since this is CTDP, I expect nothing less than a fantastically realistic V12 wail. 😉

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