WIP BrawnGP #3

Spoony sent me a few more BrawnGP shots. The rearwing is new and personally I love the detail work on the frontwing.The car is up to 18k faces now and pretty much done. Spoony will update some things on McLaren and hopefully we get to map both cars soon.


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  1. nice brawn gp.have you got any news from the 1994 mod?sorry for asking irrelevant things but i am a lil bit worried about this mod because i haven’t seen any news or shots from this mod.i see that the 2009 mod is progressing very well.just inform me about the progress of the 1994 mod.thank you

  2. We’re really working on it. I’ve finished working on Simtek and Pacific textures (at least until Monaco) and what we do now (with some cars, not all of’em are finished) is reviewing. Then it comes to shader rendering before the cars can go ingame. I can’t and actually don’t want to do an estimation because the state changes literally every second, but I hope and think, you’ll be able to see some nice screenshots soon.

    Maybe I’m going to post some screenshots in the near future, let’s wait and see. 😉

  3. thank you for the informantion.i just want to tell you please don’t stop this (1994 mod) again.
    will the 2009 mod take so long to be finished like the 2006 mod did.the 2006 took about 2 years to be released but it was worth waiting because the mod is fantastic.so if this takes so long i think again it will be worth waiting!!!

  4. I wasn’t involved into 2006 so I can’t tell you too much about it. But, as Dahie said in another recent entry in this blog, we’ll stop focusing on perfection in every minor detail because that way you’ll get into a tweaking loop (I think that’s what he said). So, principally, no, it won’t take that long. However, you also need to count on how many people you have and how motivated you are, so you and I can’t just say how fast it’s going to be released. We’re planning on doing it a fair bit quicker (without a terrible loss of detail though), but whether this is what comes out? Who knows. 😉

  5. Hi, I’m a huge fan, and loved the 2006 mod. I also model F1 cars in 3d, although as a hobby. I would love to get a good look at this Brawn model! would it be possible to email me a copy? I can take most formats, but 3DS would be best. I understand if you wanna keep it to yourselves.

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