6 thoughts on “TypoLight updated”

  1. ok will do…about the token, could you possible send me a track with an example of where the token should go. i ger hdv and track config mismatches everywhere ive tried putting it so far…im using the mmg 07 trackpack.

  2. Guys, call me dumb as shit, but I just exceeded the amount of times I can try enter the letter-code to subscribe to the forum. Why is that so hard? Most images leaves me clueless…

  3. Not much to tell at the moment…The first shadows for the Pacific car were out on the texture so the car is virtually finished but we’re currently deciding on whether we put the finished car ingame now or wait until we have 4 or 5 of them ready. As soon as there’s something to tell, you can be sure we will. 🙂

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